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It's Never Late to Evolve - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this essay is to illustrate the idea that it is never too late to evolve. The author cites as an example a woman from a dysfunctional family who, despite a car accident, loss of her husband and one eye found the strength and enthusiasm to take up her own development…
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Its Never Late to Evolve
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Download file to see previous pages In the Spring, after her fortieth birthday, Corinne was involved in an automobile accident while her teenage son was driving.  This left her hospitalized for one week, spending two more months at home in a hospital bed.  In many ways, she considered this accident to be an epiphany moment requiring her to make necessary changes in order to survive healthfully at every level; spiritually, physically, socially, psychologically, financially, and emotionally.   She emerged with tremendous temporary physical disabilities, which eventually required hip replacement surgery two years later, yet she was firmly convinced that the best part of her life was in the future, not behind her. Erikson says this time of life can best be defined as a time of introspection where one evaluates life to find meaningful purpose and balance (Boeree, p. 7).
As Corinne struggled to regain her physical health, she became aware that there was a silent scream inside her slowly rising; causing her to question everything she had known to be true about herself, like a piece of her waiting to be born.  It was through this self-discovery process she began to feel like she hadn’t lived at all, but was merely a caretaker for all whom she loved. Erickson felt that generativity to the point of overextension was a maladaptive approach, which occurs when there are multiple roles for one person to assume (Boeree, pg 7).
Not wanting to disrupt the youngest children emotionally, she waited until they chose to go live with their biological mother, to address the issues involving the internal crisis she was experiencing.  This left her with an abruptly empty nest at age 50; a chance to totally re-examine her life.  She relocated to Tennessee to begin her reinvention, however, the change was short-lived as Corinne was attacked by someone who broke into her home and stabbed her 31 times; he was on drugs.  She lost the use of one eye and had multiple surgeries and reconstructive attempts physically; returning to her family in Florida after two years of rehabilitation. Thankfully, there were no psychological scars associated with this attack; Corinne said, “I just didn’t process it.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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It'S Never Late to Evolve Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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