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For example, Jennifer Lopez being physically and mentally abused by her husband is realistic. Many women suffer mental and physical abuse at the hands of their husbands, who are violent in nature. Also, the…
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Assignment How realistic is this movie? A: Some aspects of the movie are realistic and some are not. For example, Jennifer Lopez being physically and mentally abused by her husband is realistic. Many women suffer mental and physical abuse at the hands of their husbands, who are violent in nature. Also, the discouraging response that Lopez’s character gets from police is also true. Lopez realizes that if she decides to file a complaint against her husband, she might lose custody of her daughter due to rules of law. This happens in real life also. Many women avoid getting help from police or law as they fear losing custody of their children in an attempt to get freedom from abuse. However, the part where Jennifer Lopez is shown getting trained in just one month and taking a revenge on her husband is a bit dramatic and theatrical. It usually takes longer than that to get trained for self defense and learn martial arts. At the same time, one cannot say that this cannot happen in real life. If a woman is strong and determined, then she can do anything to fight abuse. So the movie is quite realistic.
2) Could most abused wives overpower their husbands physically?
A: Wives who are psychologically weak are the ones who usually become the victim of abuse. It is their psychological and emotional weakness, and the fear of being abandoned, that makes women suffer the domestic violence silently. It is the lack of psychological weakness in the first place which makes them vulnerable to abuse. Huge amount of mental strength and determination is needed for women to overpower their husbands and fight physical abuse at home. Hence, it is not easily possible for abused wives to overpower their husbands physically. They lack the mental strength to do so. Unfortunately, it is the mental strength that is usually found missing in victims of physical abuse.
3) Does the main character (Lopez) present as most battered women?
A: No. One can say that a woman is ‘most battered’ when she experiences persistent beating for no reason, suffers physical injuries due to physical violence everyday, lives in constant fear, and is tortured mentally and emotionally. Most of the times, battered women suffer major physical injuries and psychological traumas which make them incapable of functioning normally in daily life. Most battered women lose their self-esteem, confidence, communication ability etc. However, this does not happen in case of Lopez’s character. Lopez is shown getting only one tiny scar on her face and no other major injuries. The physical abuse shown against her is quite less and hence, one cannot say that she presents ‘most battered women.’
4) How might this movie be helpful or damaging to real women/men who are in an abusive relationship?
A: This movie is definitely not damaging. In fact, it is helpful in making women aware that they become the victim of abuse only if they are weak and unaware of their rights. The movie also emphasizes the importance of independence, both financial and emotional, in woman’s life. It shows that even if women depend on their husbands, they should handle their own bank accounts and paper work personally. They should not let their husbands encroach on their financial matters. Lopez’s husband freezes her bank accounts and credit cards in order to make her helpless and to make her come back home. Hence, the movie helps in making women understand that independent management of finances is highly important for them to protect their own freedom and rights. This movie helps in understanding that if women become strong and determined, they can save themselves and their children from being victimized by their husbands.
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