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In the current paper "Realism vs Idealism: Liberal Institutionalism", an author will summarize and evaluate the two main theories of international relations covered in the text: realism and idealism. The writer uses references to various research works in order to maintain his points…
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Realism vs Idealism: Liberal Institutionalism
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Realism vs. Idealism (“Liberal Institutionalism”)
It is by far more sensible and effectual to execute around idealism whose moral behavior overcomes the rigidity and narrowness of power politics confined in the realist approach. As it appears, the entire logic and set of principles realism rest on, have assumed that the international realm is anarchic by nature (Beavis). In this picture are independent states which coexist under constant tension so that each state seeks to preserve itself, usually against the interests and at the expense of other states. Realist theory further argues that adopting a moral aspect in its paradigm would weaken the state’s power, in direct proportion with the best eligibility to offer itself protection by means of utilizing much of military control (Beavis).
‘The Prince’, authored by N. Machiavelli, one of the major realism proponents, characterizes a realist state as one that holds absolute rule of a ruthless leader who ought to prefer being feared than loved (Theories). It then accords for the this theory a measure of success through the potential to achieve goals without having to regard whether or not the process comes justified with virtuous sense other than strategies. In this fashion, obviously, the relation we have established with state is as ‘subjects’ or it is at least difficult to comprehend the level at which we’d claim belonging as ‘its people’. If we try to draw from a more positive attitude with which to decide a fair advantage of this case, that would amount to seeing the whole situation in straight order most humans yearn for, because everyone simply obeys and goes current with all set instructions as part of self-preservation. However, it may as well be felt to an increasing degree that a sovereign, lacking elements of compassion as constructed upon a realist view, is bound to have finite, fleeting extent due to absence of consent from the ‘governed’ and the spirit of mutualism.
From this point, hence, springs forth the hope to develop a neutralizing proposition to be liberated out of the former severity. With idealism, or liberal institutionalism in one form, international relations are spontaneously worked as a function of humanitarian traits. At this perspective, relations go beyond the once was realization and meeting of ends chiefly. Engaging into the international system with depths of selfless rational thinking, state affairs shift from independence to interdependence with other states in which common interests are sought after. Eventually within such setting, any moral behavior created on an interpersonal level reflects an equating significance with foreign regulating standards as trust and confidence among the states become progressively interrelated (Theories).
Judging how these terms place context which idealism may be identified with, it shouldn’t sound like ‘device’ where cooperation between states, instead of manipulation, exists. We come by the light of perceiving liberal institutionalism through United Nations, NATO, European Union, WTO, and some other institutions that aim to promote human rights, moral values, and good economy in many aspects while attachments smoothen from a realist to an idealist setting. There are, nevertheless, unavoidable circumstances when people anywhere in the world, nowadays, abuse freedom by exaggerating their notion of inalienable rights, and which often turn out to bear distortion of harmony with the rights of others.
Borrowing a modified or less austere form of realism to fit into a liberal structure might prove somewhat innovating to some extent. This way we would be able to exhaust settlement possibilities to enhance general welfare and sustainable balance between good and ill consequences of a certain state ruling. If as a minor embedded detail of idealist argument it fails though to demonstrate such hypothetical characteristic intended for actual practice, then still, idealism would be sufficient to encourage more synergy in attaining higher orders of security and protection across the states.
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