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Wide realist definitions of state and anarchy - Essay Example

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The realist concepts of 'state' and 'anarchy' Wide realist definitions of state and anarchy The realist concept of 'state' and 'anarchy' is that different countries have different interests and desires, and in the pursuit of such interests, there are chances that the countries will conflict…
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Wide realist definitions of state and anarchy
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Download file to see previous pages The major question therefore is: how do the arising conflicts get resolved? In addressing this question, the realists have defined the state as a sovereign entity that has no competing governmental authority over it, which can enforce promises or protect the country against aggression by other countries. Thus, the concept of realists in relation to State is that as a sovereign entity, it is upon the state to decide how it will deal with both internal and external problems. Further, the realist concept observes that a state exists in a ‘state of nature’, where like humans, states are existing on their own, and must work out how to live with each other in the international arena, since the states as collective entities do not have any higher authority over them, for example, a world government that can restrain them, a condition known as ‘anarchy’ (Adem, 2000, p.12). Therefore, the realist concept of 'state' and 'anarchy' is that a condition of war between nations is permanent and expected since, as opposed to internal feuds between different groups within a state which can be restrained by a civil government of the state, there lacks any global institution or government with the ability to restrain the aggression of one country against another, resulting in a situation where states are the most important and unitary actors in the world politics, and thus anarchy reigns supreme in international relations....
The state of nature dictates that human nature is not kind, but rather self-centred and egoistic (Hopf, 1998, p.172). This being the case, even the wisest attempt to end the conflicting world systems will not be able to work out any solutions, and thus nations must always be prepared for wars. This is the same aspect that has been demonstrated by history, that increasing military strength, if not superiority, has been the constant attempt for all nations in the world (Mearsheimer, 1990, p.7) In the light of this, the realist concepts of 'state' and 'anarchy' is that it is only military might that can win wars, and as such, the realists fundamental principle is the maximization of state security, through build-up of military might, which is the only way through which a state can be able to avert any threatens of international aggression on its sovereignty and territorial integrity, due to the lack of any legitimate world government that can exert control over states, and thus restrain foreign aggression of a state against another (Adem, 2000, p.17). Power is in the core of realist concepts of 'state' and 'anarchy', where in the international systems, states are always striving to ensure that their security is guaranteed and protected, as they embark on competing for resources and power (Ashworth, 2002, p.37). Thus, according to realists, states are rational actors in the global sphere, where they are engaged in rational calculation of their interests, which then becomes the basis upon which the states interact with others, on the international scene. National security remains the overriding interest and concerns of the states, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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