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Realism and International Relations Theory - Literature review Example

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 This review discusses the existence of international order from the Cold War until today, this literature review aims to undertake a thorough analysis of the key principles of international affairs, state interest, and state behavior. An in-depth exploration of the phenomenon of international order…
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Realism and International Relations Theory
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Extract of sample "Realism and International Relations Theory"

Download file to see previous pages In addition to the direct economic costs associated with terrorism and the threat of further terrorism, 9/11 also had important political ramifications.
Importantly, political scientists have been wracking their brains trying to make sense the horrific violence undertaken the morning of 9/11 and further violence inspired by global jihadists bent on taking over the world. Psychologists sought to explore the psychological factors leading people to kill in the name of Allah, domestic-level theorists explored the domestic antecedents to terror including extreme poverty, a lack of education and political repression. System-level theorists however were at a loss to explain the attacks of September 11th and the ensuing War on Terror. Contrary to popular opinion, this essay will persuasively argue that international relations theory can and will explain the War on Terror. While theorists of War and Peace have argued for a new paradigm to explain sub-state terror and the new global threats, a systems level theory which best explains this New World Order is realism. Accordingly, realism as an explanatory theory of international relations is the theory most applicable to the present international order. Although realism will have to evolve to take into consideration the changing face of the international order, particularly in light of the emergence of sub-state actors who wish to fundamentally destroy this present international order, realism is the best system-level theory to understand the global War on Terror.
Realism, as an explanatory theory of international relations, provides perhaps the most concise and strongest definition of what constitutes state interest, behavior and the establishment of the international order.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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