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It affects our way of speech due to the numerous varieties of social media which we access in our daily life (Qualman 34). Over the years, it has been widely acknowledged that social media influence us in more ways…
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Out line
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Outline The social media plays a major role on how we speak and write. It affects our way of speech due to the numerous varieties of social media which we access in our daily life (Qualman 34). Over the years, it has been widely acknowledged that social media influence us in more ways than we can imagine. It is worth noting that the power of social media can be witnessed both negatively and positively. It is therefore imperative that we place a greater emphasis on harnessing the power of social media with regards to bringing positive change to the society. The major social media in our homes include:
1. The television plays a positive role in the buildup of an individuals language through:
a) News
The anchors communicate in grammatically correct language
The anchors articulate the proper pronunciation of the language. Studies conducted over the years have revealed that a majority of people find television bulletins more detailed, relevant, educative and organized compared to news broadcasts on other media (Qualman 26).
Offers the new word for viewers to learn
b) Programs
Live air language competitions
Language series programs for children and foreigners. These are also important in the development of social media as well as the spread of information.
2. The radio on the other hand broadcasts a negative aspect of language to the listeners through :
c) Presenters
The use of slang language to entertain but not educate. Slang language has a major influence on young people, but this influence is mostly negative. Rarely do young people learn much through the use of slang or other forms of communication associated with it.
Lack of proper Language training
d) Music
The music lacks proper grammatical structure
Foreign music which contains unfamiliar language
Work Cited
Qualman, Erik. Socialnomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business.
Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley, 2009. Print. Read More
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