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Social Media and Marriage - Help or Hinder - Essay Example

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The essay explores Social Media and Marriage. Social media is one of the aspects that have attracted a lot of attention in the modern world. The great advancements in science and technology are some of the reasons as to why social media has been imperative…
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Social Media and Marriage - Help or Hinder
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Extract of sample "Social Media and Marriage - Help or Hinder"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Social Media and Marriage - Help or Hinder" concerns the Marriage and Social Media. Communication has been greatly enhanced by the application of social media and this has been through the implementation of social network application programs via the internet. However, as every aspect in the modern has had its pros and cons, social media has been unexceptional. This has been evidenced by some of the negative impacts that have been a result of social media. Some people have become slaves to social media and this has been due to the addiction of different forms of social media. The issue of social media and its impact on marriage has been controversial as different people hold different opinions regarding the matter. However, it is evident that social media has acted as a hindrance to marriage. Research has revealed that most marriages in the modern world have been unsuccessful as a result of social media. Some social network application programs such as Facebook have been known to cause 66% of divorce cases in the world. Research has revealed that Facebook users worldwide have clicked a 400 million mark. The misleading impression that has tarnished the positivity of social media is that married couples should not embark on socially interacting and making new friends through social media. From facts proposed by different researchers, communication is one of the most important factors in the modern world. Therefore, it would be unrealistic for married couples to discredit the aspect of creating. social interactions through the use of social media. Social media could be helpful in marriages if only applied in the correct way. However, it gets difficult for some married couples to accommodate each other when it comes to the application of social media. Social media has impacted negatively on the ethics of the society in some ways that have resulted to the failure of most marriages. Pornography is a vice to the society despite it being assessable through social media networks. The internet has been associated with the increased view of pornography not only in some married couples but also in some members of the society such as students (Safko, p.62). Married couples sometimes divorce as a result of one of the parties in the marriage being an addict to pornography via the internet by the use of cell phones or laptops. These marriages end in a displeasing way and the main cause of the failure is social media. For social media to be beneficial to the society it has to be maintained to standards that are ethically acceptable by the society. Efforts to block the viewing of pornography through social media should be advocated for as this would act as the remedy to the increased divorce cases. The world will never cease to be a socially interactive environment. However, these social interactions should have a limit so as not to result to undesirable results in the society. The socially interactive nature of the world has been enhanced by social media. Destructive social relations through social media have hindered marriages in different parts of the world (Qualman, p.72). A good example of a destructive social interaction via social media is phone sex. It is unfortunate that one of both of the parties in married couples engage in phone sex. The result of this behavior has been divorce in most marriages. While advocating for social relations, married couples should try and hold this with a lot of responsibility to avoid conflicts in marriage. Phone sex is as good as being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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