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Enterprise - Essay Example

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Number: University: Tutor: Date: Enterprise 2.0 as a resource and capability The conventional models of how people and organizations publish and utilize information on the web have fundamentally changed in the modern times. Rather than viewing information on static web pages, web users and organizations in particular publish their own content through blogs and Wikis…
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Extract of sample "Enterprise"

Download file to see previous pages The success results from competitive advantage resulting from Enterprise 2.0 usage. The marketplace imperative to access the right information and people at the exact time has resulted in an enhanced interest in building a next-generation enterprise place of work setting where users carry out daily trade activities. Such a workplace necessitates for Enterprise 2.0 technologies and usage pattern to transition the workplace to an internet powered, which is user centered, as well as community centered. Web technologies have sites that form collective fabric tying people, processes and systems together. As such, Enterprise 2.0 technology can be used both as a resource and as a capability by an organization to give rise to competitive advantage (Taprial & Kanwar, 2012). Organizations can use social media platform to their advantage through what is referred to as the resource based view of the firm (RBVF). The resource-based view of the firm holds that firms possess resources that enable them achieve a competitive merit. In turn, the attained competitive merit results in excellent long term performance. Resources that are precious and rare may result in the creation of competitive merit, which can be continued for longer times periods if the business will be able to safeguard against resource imitation. Firms may use web 2.0 resources to make their resources and capabilities valuable, rare, imperfectly imitable and non substitutable (Westner, 2009). Web technologies will be valuable if they help a firm to put in place strategies than enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Priceless organizational resources owned by many rival firms cannot be sources of a competitive merit. Therefore, a firm should adopt web technology in an agile manner to ensure that its capabilities and resources will be rare, eventually resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage. In addition, the resources and capabilities should not be imitable and substitutable. Modern businesses face a world of changing technologies, increased global competition and dealing with enlightened customers. Customers precisely know what they want, and use the web to look for every detail of their product of choice. This calls for businesses to use the fresh wave of enterprise 2.0 technology to act swiftly to optimize reaction to market opportunities to gain a competitive edge (Qualman, 2012). Web technologies in social media can be utilized as a resource for increased interaction between a corporation’s different stakeholders. The use of web 2.0 technologies can be used as a resource for driving revenue. Companies are looking for ways to enhance their efficacy in their innovation programs in a bid to gain essential competitive differentiation. This has come about as a result of a worldwide marketplace pattern of increasing rivalry and adding new competitive elements and means of conducting business online. It is worth noting that contemporary businesses will not succeed only by cutting costs and doing usual business activities day in day out. For instance, South West Airlines use social media to give information of flights, and notify customers on any flight changes. South West Airlines uses social sites like Facebook to build relations with the public, and this presents a potential to gain new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Enterprise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Enterprise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Enterprise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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