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Business senerio - Assignment Example

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The firm is suffering from motivational and morale problems among the employees. The employees do not have any trust in the management team right now. Communication between…
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Business senerio
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Extract of sample "Business senerio"

The company is currently facing major problems that need the attention of the executive management team. The firm is suffering from motivational and morale problems among the employees. The employees do not have any trust in the management team right now. Communication between the employees is poor and the staff is suffering from interpersonal conflicts. These problems have escalated during the last couple of weeks as there have been two incidents of physical fighting between employees of the company. The situation cannot continue as it is because human relations at the company have deteriorated. The managerial staff at the firm must find alternative solutions to the problem as soon as possible.
The morale problems the company faces have escalated into other human resource issues including a lack of communication, interpersonal conflicts, and physical confrontations. The situation has gotten so bad that the employees have stopped caring about their duties and their actions have reached external stakeholders. Recently an employee acted improperly dealing with a customer by yelling at the customer and acting unprofessionally. We have received several complaints from vendors of the company that have not received important paperwork concerning incoming shipments. The company is not suffering from any cash flow problems, but for some odd reason the finance department never pays the bills on time. The quality of the food at the cafeteria has reached an all time low. It seems as if the company is in the middle of chaos.
Due to the negative impact that the morale problem is having on the entire organization the company has to take immediate steps to remedy the situation. The first step towards finding a solution is recognizing the existence of the problem to then take corrective actions. As managers we are responsible for the job performance of our subordinates. This matter cannot be delayed any longer because the low morale at the company is spreading like a virus. The majority of the departments at the firm are underperforming and the firm has become an unpleasant place to work. It is important for the company to take this matter seriously because low employee morale usually results in poor productivity and production. The firm has done a poor job at dealing with the situation so far and has let a simple issue turned into a problematic situation.
Part II
A) Identify reasons for holding meeting
The main reason for holding this meeting is to propose alternative solutions to resolve the employee morale problem the company is suffering from.
B) Identify the objective of the meeting
The objective of the meeting is to allow the entire managerial staff to participate in the process of finding a solution to the morale problem. By the end of this meeting the firm will have identified three potential courses of action to resolve the problem.
C) Develop Agenda for the meeting
1. CEO will describe the problem
2. Brainstorming session to generate ideas
3. Feedback session
4. Best three ideas are identified at the end of the meeting
D) Describe how you will increase participation during the meeting
Participation during the meeting will be increased by allowing each member of the meeting a two minute time slot to express any concerns or ideas regarding the issue. Read More
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Business Senerio Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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