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Theory and Development-M1A2 Q2 - Essay Example

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The socialists’ move towards humanity helped emphasize the difference between workers and machines. In this sense, human beings were found to have different…
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Theory and Development-M1A2 Q2
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Extract of sample "Theory and Development-M1A2 Q2"

Motivation Motivation Motivation might have become a key issue after the industrialization age due to notable insights by production owners. The socialists’ move towards humanity helped emphasize the difference between workers and machines. In this sense, human beings were found to have different entitlements from machines. This explains the foundation in corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR means that an organization has a role beyond profit making. In the context of an employee, the organization has a role in ensuring the comprehensive welfare of an employee as a human being (Bowey, 2005). In addition, firms realized that motivation contributes towards productivity and eventual profits because motivated employees possess satisfaction in their work. Besides, companies invest in motivation because satisfied employees are an ideal brand to a company.
Motivational strategies of today stretch beyond monetary rewards. Modern organizations, however, ensure that employees attain monetary benefits that are commensurate to the responsibilities they handle. In addition, impressive pay is a key retention factor in a contemporary organization. Building a consultative environment is a way of making modern employees feel as a part of an organization (Gagne & Deci, 2005). Organizations currently invest in staff training as a way of making employees feel competent in their work. Besides, organizations establish autonomous human resource departments that ensure there is constant communication between the employees and management in an organization.
Motivation continues to be a challenge to today’s organizations. Technology has altered the expectations of employees. This suggests that traditional methods of motivation have to adapt to technological attitudes of modern employees. In addition, intrinsic motivation is a current issue that challenges contemporary firms. In turn, organizations strive to create the environments that encourage intrinsic motivation (Michie & Gooty, 2005). Companies, therefore, have to ensure that employees engage in responsibilities that synchronize with their interests.
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Theory and Development-M1A2 Q2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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