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Attitude - Assignment Example

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Coca-cola has always had a very aggressive media campaign for its products. Each time I plan to consume a coca-cola product, I know that it will meet the needs I have. I have never…
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Attitude Assignment
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The role of cognition in the development of the attitudes I have towards Coca-cola is that I leant to associate their products as perfect fits for my needs. On the other hand, I always fear that my computer and the window-based programs in it can crash any time. I am not sure that Microsoft products will perform well enough each time I switch on my computer. These attitudes affect my view of these two brands.
Coca-cola has always used an advertising campaign that fits well with its business objective of ensuring that there is always a Coca-cola product near you when you need it. I see coca-cola posters everywhere, in addition to television advertisements. Microsoft on the other hand uses online advertisements. From this analysis, I see that indeed, my attitudes towards these brands came from my experiences. I made decisions because of my impressions from experiences with the brands that now manifest as attitudes towards the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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