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How Businesses Use Learning & Memory to Affect Consumers - Essay Example

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Learning & Memory on Consumer Date Author Learning & Memory on Consumer Introduction Learning is the permanent change in behavior caused by experience, where collect information and store it for the long time to be available when it is needed. Marketers can start with learning and memory concept consumer knows their products and brands, and how they want…
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How Businesses Use Learning & Memory to Affect Consumers

Download file to see previous pages... If we look at the apple, you can directly say that it means high quality and luxury of computers, if we say it is Mercedes luxury cars and sports cars BMW means (Natale 2007 45-52). Those traders have learned to their brand, successfully using touch system and stimulus. They may even offer its popular brand for rent to other companies that are not brand ill bred with the negative image. Discussion Businesses are usually relatively little power to use punishment or negative reinforcement. However, parking meters often used to prevent consumers from taking valuable parking space and manufacturers may void your warranty if consumers take their product to unauthorized repair facility (Watkins 2006 294-303). Several factors influence effectiveness of operant learning. In general, more time effects of behavior, especially. In other words, power companies will be more likely to encourage consumers to use less electricity at peak times, when consumers actually have to pay when they used electricity (e.g. - slot), but not at end of month. Learning is also more likely to occur when the person can between behavior and consequences (but learning can occur even if link is not aware). Another problem is that building programs and extinction. Extinction occurs when behavior continues to have the impact on behavior and then eventually stops happening. For example, if the passenger finds that scream at check -in staff did not receive its upgrade to first class, it is likely to stop this behavior. Sometimes the person is rewarded each time you run behavior (e.g., consumer receives the non- alcoholic beverage whenever coins were introduced machine). Nevertheless, it is not necessary for learning time occurs. Even rewarded only from time to time, behavior can be studied. Several building programs are available: Fixed interval, consumer gets the free dessert every Tuesday, when he or she eats at the certain restaurant. Fixed ratio: behavior is rewarded (or punished) for each nth time it is performed. (For example, every tenth loyalty presented supplied free). Variable ratio: Each time the action is performed, there is some chance that be given. For example, each time user enters store, he or she receives the lottery ticket. With each ticket, there is the 20% chance to get the free burger. Consumers can get the free burger twice, or he or she can go ten times without getting the hamburger once. Variable Reinforcement Is Least Vulnerable To Extinction Sometimes training may be necessary to teach consumer desired behavior. In other words, it may be possible to directly teach consumers to adopt desired behavior. For example, user can first get the good free product (product itself, if it is good, it is the reward), then buy with the large cents off coupon, and finally buy at high prices. Thus, we are strengthening approaches desired behavior. Instead of introducing Coca -Cola directly in Indonesia, fruit soft drinks were introduced because they were more like drinks are consumed (Anderson & Farkas 2003 88-93). Consumer does not always have to go through learning process itself; sometimes it can be learned by observing consequences of others. For example, stores can make the big deal out of bullpen continued shop is not so much because they want to stop this behavior among those who were, and to discourage behaviors in others? In addition, viewers can identify with characters in advertising that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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