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Learning, Training, and Development - Strategic Approach of the Coca Cola Beverage Industry - Case Study Example

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This paper "Learning, Training and Development - Strategic Approach of the Coca-Cola Beverage Industry" focuses on the strategic approach of the Coca-Cola Industry within its business environment in order to present it before the senior management of the industry…
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Learning, Training, and Development - Strategic Approach of the Coca Cola Beverage Industry
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Extract of sample "Learning, Training, and Development - Strategic Approach of the Coca Cola Beverage Industry"

Download file to see previous pages In the same way, the report defines how the industry, under study, can enhance its learning and management strategy according to the contemporary requirements to increase the volume of sales by presenting its products to the consumers in a more refined and an innovative way. The cognitive and behavioural theories have also been applied along with the in-depth study of the organization and its learning approach. The use of latest technology and new dimensions of the contemporary commercial atmosphere have also been mentioned in the present report. The brilliant achievements of the Coca-Cola Company have also been elaborated in a comprehensive but precise way.
Coca-cola is one of the most popular brands among all the world-class products and industries at large. Its name, trademark and logo are thought to be the sign of quality and trust. The company has made tremendous achievements during nearly quarter past one century and it has not dependent on any introduction at all now. It serves as a milestone in the history of modern public beverages that are popular among all ages and all classes alike. Coca-Cola was presented and introduced first time before the world in May 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. The founder of the company had no idea of its marvellous successes because the company had to bear losses in the beginning, as the sale was less than its product. (Quoted in the coca-cola But the management was determined enough to make it an achievement in the future years to come. The administration and workforce laboured hard day in and day out for its recognition. It is why the company is ruling over the hearts of millions of people everywhere on the globe. For decades, the industry has been the sponsor of supreme events and ceremonies including Olympic Games, World Cups, G-8 conferences and other domestic, national and international ceremonies. All that is the fruit of unflinching efforts and admirable passion of the management, administration, staff and employees that the company’s business in running in smooth waters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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