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Project wellness: how to loss weight and build muscles - Essay Example

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Weight management is described as adapting various healthy eating habits and exercises for one’s well-being and preventing numerous weight-related diseases. Both diet and physical activity are crucial to…
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Project wellness: how to loss weight and build muscles
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Project Wellness: How to Lose Weight and Build Muscles The management of weight is important for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Weight management is described as adapting various healthy eating habits and exercises for one’s well-being and preventing numerous weight-related diseases. Both diet and physical activity are crucial to lose weight if an individual is over-weight or obese. Body fat affects the speed, power and stamina of a person. Hence it is crucial to lose the extra body fat. However, losing body fat and building muscle mass at the same time keeps the body healthy and increases its endurance capabilities (Insel et al 2007). Losing body weight solely through dietary habits and light exercise will only shed the extra fat, but proper exercises focused on muscle mass will give improved physical appearance as well as muscle strength and stamina to an individual.
It is a very old fitness related myth that losing fat and building muscle at the same time is not possible. However, that is entirely incorrect. If proper nutrition is added to an individual’s lifestyle with routine exercises, both goals can be achieved simultaneously. With proper exercises that focus on not just losing the body fat but also improving the muscles, various capabilities of the body can be improved. Muscle strength, power, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, speed, co-ordination, balance and flexibility are some of the factors that will be attained in an improved form when the body goes through a properly designed exercise regimen (Lauren & Clark 2010).
A base level fitness program is designed to assess the muscle type and the response of the body towards the exercise regimen. This plan extends over a period of six weeks and after this a twelve week plan is adopted which can be continued throughout the year. The plan has five basic components which prepare the body for a prolonged exercise plan and also prevent any injury in the long run. These components are cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, nutrition and rest. The cardiovascular or aerobic exercises focus on the body’s composition and the fat is the major energy source in them. For muscle strength, resistance training is required and is also known as anaerobic exercise. Its major role is in the improvement of the lean body mass and the base mineral composition. Sets of repetitions are performed for a particular period of time, which are preceded by the warm-up sets. Ballistic and static stretching exercises are included in the flexibility part of the six-week plan. Good nutrition and proper rest are also vital parts of the whole regime (Lovitt & Speraw 2004).
Fitness exercises that focus on both reducing the body fat as well as toning the muscle strength and endurance are a great way of gaining a healthy and fit body. Such exercise regimes will not only make an individual gain a desirable appearance but also improve his/her stamina and power.
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