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Project Wellness: How to Lose Weight and Build Muscles - Research Paper Example

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Management of weight is important for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Weight management is all about taking recourse to healthy eating habits, diet…
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Project Wellness: How to Lose Weight and Build Muscles
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Download file to see previous pages Fat accumulated in the body affects speed, power and stamina of an individual. Extra weight in a body is like extra luggage on the head and one needs to shed it at the earliest, before the body is afflicted with various types of diseases. To lose body fat and tone up the muscles are like alternative beats of the same heart and they can be pursued simultaneously with disciplined approach to both.
Losing body fat and building muscle mass at the same time keeps the body healthy and increases its endurance capabilities (Insel et al 2007). Losing weight solely through dietary habits and light exercises will only shed the extra fat, but proper exercises focused on muscle mass will give improved physical appearance as well as muscle strength and stamina to an individual. The old myth is often quoted that to lose fat and building muscle simultaneously is not feasible. This is an incorrect observation. With the introduction of nutrition in appropriate quantity, diet schedule and prescribed exercises on a regular basis, both the goals can be achieved at the same time. While doing exercises the focus needs to be to improve the muscles in addition to lose weight. Different parts of the body and muscles have designated capabilities and it is one’s duty to identify them and draw the exercise and diet schedules accordingly. Muscle strength, power, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, speed, co-ordination, balance and flexibility are some of the factors that will be attained in an improved form when the body goes through a properly designed exercise regimen (Lauren & Clark 2010).
A base level fitness program is designed to assess the muscle type and the response of the body towards the exercise regimen. This plan extends over a period of six weeks and after this a twelve week plan is adopted which can be continued throughout the year. The plan has five basic components which prepare the body for a prolonged ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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