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An Investigation on the Impact of Personalisation on Both Social Work Practice and Service Users - Essay Example

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The philosophy of personalization and its origins have been found to have significant impacts on the individuals who use the service as well as the front line social care workers. The Community Care Act 1990 was introduced in order to be able to move people out of long-stay…
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An Investigation on the Impact of Personalisation on Both Social Work Practice and Service Users
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Extract of sample "An Investigation on the Impact of Personalisation on Both Social Work Practice and Service Users"

Download file to see previous pages To achieve this, three social workers and two service users who are in receipt of Direct Payments will be interviewed in the process of this study. The interviews are primarily considered for an understanding of the impacts that the philosophy of personalization has on such social workers.
Carr, S (2009), stated that “Personalisation is about meeting the needs of individuals in ways that work best for them. It includes prevention, early intervention, and self-directed support where service users are in control of arranging and managing their own support services. In the context of mental health services, personalization accommodates mental health promotion and maintenance: having choice and control over one’s life contributes to wellbeing.” Thus the concept or the philosophy of personalization stresses on the needs of individuals and tries to deal with those needs such that the individuals can be benefitted for their social causes and services through the needful support.
The concept of personalization was formally designed by individuals from the field of information technology. According to Ferguson, I (2007) Charles Leadbeater, a former journalist and founder of personalization, worked for the Financial Times and Channel Four Televisions. Leadbeater has no social work background but works for think tank Demos, and his writings on personalization have become extensively influential. According to his ‘Social Work Review in Scotland on Personalization and Participation’ (2005) he emphasized that “Personalisation reconnects social workers with the goals and values underpinning the profession....putting users at the heart of services, enabling them to become participants in the design and delivery.....”. To brief the above statement it can be said that Leadbeater mentioned Personalisation being originated from social work values and good person-centered practice where an individual’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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