An Evaluation of the Personalisation Agenda and the effect on Adults with Learning Disabilities - Literature review Example

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This research paper investigates such important topic as personalization in social work, what is a different way of looking at social work practice because in the past, the person was left out of their individual needs. This was seen as an ineffective way of working…
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An Evaluation of the Personalisation Agenda and the effect on Adults with Learning Disabilities
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Extract of sample "An Evaluation of the Personalisation Agenda and the effect on Adults with Learning Disabilities"

Download file to see previous pages The author of the essay "An Evaluation of the Personalisation Agenda and the Effect on Adults with Learning Disabilities" begins with that in order to understand personalisation, it is important to understand that there are two different models of disability that we are currently recognizing. The medical model of disability concentrates on the idea that if an individual's body is 'fixed' that they will be able to better fit into society. The medical model does not benefit the individual because there are many conditions that an individual is born with that cannot be 'fixed' in this way. The social model of disability is a more accurate depiction of the person with disability because it is concerned with the barriers that are in place to prevent a person with disabilities to access society. These barriers can be due to the environment, which keeps people from being able to access buildings and services because of physical barriers. The barrier can be due to people's attitudes when they stereotype certain abilities with people or discriminate against them. The barrier can also be due to organizations with inflexible policies, practices or procedures that exclude people with disabilities (Office for Disability Issues 2010). The Personalisation Agenda leans more towards the social model of disability because it emphasizes the challenges and/or barriers for people with disabilities. It was created in order to eliminate some of the barriers that individuals currently are exposed to when attempting to access services. 2. The Problem for Adults with Learning Disabilities According to the Learning Disability Coalition (2010) it is important for people with learning disabilities to have the same choices for care as other people have who do not have disabilities. This is one of the provisions that this new legislation has created. The challenge is that although this legislation has gone through and is attempting to be enforced, there are still challenges for some agencies in getting the resources needed for people with l ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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