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Kindergarten Classroom Design and Child Development - Research Proposal Example

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The Montessori educational system is suggested for the public school because of its un-relented resilience for a long period since it got brought to the…
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Kindergarten Classroom Design and Child Development
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Download file to see previous pages The paper justifies the Montessori system by intensively exploring relevant literature, explaining the significance of the learning environment. The paper gives literature on a supposedly Montessori-inspired school layout, material, tools and the environment, in general. It also explains the need for a special setting for child development and the overall impact on the children (Montessori, 1964). The final section drafts a Montessori curriculum proposal for CWLAK.
Children are today growing in a highly technological space. The children get exposed to the sophisticated electronics like Kindle books, and the doors open automatically, and the playing toys are digital and creative. There is the need for the early childhood to embrace technology into the early childhood classrooms (Barron et al., 2011). Scientific reports have indicated the benefits of exposing the children to the technological concepts early in childhood to avoid stereotypes and other related challenges when they grow up (Madill et al., 2007). Over a long time now, there has existed the increasing interest to bring change to the early childhood education by children classroom design that conforms to the technological changes. Best practices and new technology learning standards for incorporating technology into the early learning classrooms design. Teachers from all corners of life have shown interest in innovating ways to integrate technology into their curricula (Montessori, 1964).
Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian, experienced educator, and trained physician came up with an educational pedagogy about 100 years ago. The system adopts a child-centred approach to education where the children undergoing the study are subject to scientific observations from childhood to adulthood. The method has been quite a success in diverse cultures across the globe. The American education system is bedeviled with many negatives (George, 1978). Implementing a Montessori style education that embraces the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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