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Digital Marketing Strategies Report for Coca Cola Company Report 1 Using concepts, models and theories associated with the effective use of Digital Marketing as presented in this unit, you are required to critically assess and evaluate a chosen organisation’s Digital Marketing activities and the underlying strategy or strategies (as far as they can be determined)…
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Digital Marketing Strategies Report for Coca Cola Company
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Download file to see previous pages The company zoned its marketing techniques in 1970 to dedicate their product as a representation of fun, freedom and playfulness. Currently, the company operates in 120 countries and serves over 1.3 billion customers daily (Senker and Foy, 2012). The company continues to be the leading marketer of the non-alcoholic drinks world wide. According to Goldberg and WHA-TV (1999), the company’s sustained success in marketing is related to its strategic focus on satisfying the customer needs through enhancing consumer awareness. Its focus on enhancing consumer awareness has led to adoption of digital marketing strategies which are relatively efficient compared to other traditional marketing methods such as newspapers. Traditionally, most business players used digital marketing to include other marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and banner advertisement that are currently not considered as constituents of digital marketing. Traditional forms of marketing such as radios and television means cannot be considered digital because they do not offer instant feedback or reports. Some such as telephones may offer responses but there is no means of ascertaining the number of people who assessed the information. Digital marketing is basically an internet service. The internet has the capability of sending messages such as email or voice broadcast as well as serving a banner ad. Digital marketing exists in two forms; pull and push. The pull digital marketing denotes the consumer actively seeking information through the various web search engines while the push digital marketing involves the marketer sending messages without the consumer or recipient’s consent (Raulas et al. 2003:293-300). This implies that the digital marketing applies both private and public means in promoting products. The company can then establish a reporting engine to relay information on the performance of the marketing strategy. The company has set high standards on the methods of promoting business activities through the use of social marketing on the internet (Darroch, 2009). Its success in digital marketing is related to its focus on quality maintenance. Most of the company ads are entertaining and creative. They are created through channelling of huge financial investments. The Coca Cola Company management is vividly aware that maintaining regular contact with consumers builds and sustains customer relationships. This is why they have enhanced the efforts geared towards application of digital marketing which is a more efficient strategy linking the customers to the company. Application of the digital marketing strategy is built on the premise that modern marketing is changing from exchange of goods and services to service quality, interaction, customer relationships and enhancing connectivity (Vargo and Lusch, 2012). According to Robbins and Stylianou, (2003), interactivity in the digital media offers better methods of searching for company information. Additionally, consumers utilize digital marketing to seek help on any problems related to company products. Digital connection has also provided efficient and cost effective means of spending free time with company brands such as participating in promotion games and learning about the product they are using. The company benefits from digital marketing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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