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An Analysis of Coca-Colas Marketing Strategy - Term Paper Example

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This paper demonstrates how marketing professionals within the company conduct a research-based study to determine the feasibility of implementing the planning objectives. And also describes the micro and macro environmental factors that currently impact the company and the beverage industry…
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An Analysis of Coca-Colas Marketing Strategy
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Extract of sample "An Analysis of Coca-Colas Marketing Strategy"

Download file to see previous pages The soft drink and beverage industry are one of the most competitive in the world. As the global demand for beverage products continues to increase, the successful beverage companies of the future must be able to identify and respond to market demand in a rapidly changing industry environment. If it is to remain competitive, it is critical that Coca-Cola is positioned to respond to the micro and macro-level environmental factors that will determine its future success or failure as a company.
Understanding the internal and external environmental factors impacting a company is a primary tool used by marketing professionals. This in-depth knowledge of the environmental factors allows the company to develop strategies to meet changes in market conditions.
The microeconomic environment relates to the firm’s ability to make internal adaptations in meeting the needs of its customers. Examples include quality and availability of suppliers, knowledge of the competitor’s products, consumer demand indicators, the effectiveness of the company’s distribution networks, internal research and development activities and product branding and other marketing initiatives (Gilligan & Wilson, 2009).   
For the most part, Coca-Cola does an effective job at managing the technical components of its internal environment such as supply chain management and product distribution. The company has a reputation for quality products especially in the area of soft drinks. Coca-Cola is also solid financially with easy access to large amounts of capital for investments in global infrastructure and new product development. The company’s 2009 total revenue exceeded $37.5 billion and its return to shareholders was $2.56 per share (Annual Report, 2009).
There are several areas related to the microenvironment that are of concern that needs to be brought the attention of the company leadership. First, the company has been slow to respond to changes in consumer demand. The company continues to focus the majority of its marketing efforts in developing countries on its soft drink products. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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