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Teaching and Learning for Health - Essay Example

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This paper talks about tobacco smoking, the reasons, why people do this and the ways, to solve this problem. Health refers to the level of metabolic or functional efficiency of a human being. In reference to human beings, it refers to the perfect condition of a person’s body free from pain, injury, and illnesses…
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Teaching and Learning for Health
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Extract of sample "Teaching and Learning for Health"

Download file to see previous pages This report stersses that cigarette smoke contains over four thousand chemicals and nicotine forms one of these. This smoke also contains sixty known chemicals that cause cancer which include lead which is a heavy metal that damages the brain, nickel which causes increased lung susceptibility, formaldehyde which causes gastro-intestinal and respiratory problems among others. Consumers are made aware of the various risks of smoking and the various benefits of treatment of tobacco dependence. After teaching them on the demerits of smoking, they are in a position to understand that they spend a lot of money on smoking and this helps them improve their saving. Smokers are also made aware of passive smoking that can affect other people who inhale air that is contaminated with smoke and hence those who might not quit will smoke in isolated places to avoid affecting other people.
This essay makes a conclusion that health refers to the level of metabolic or functional efficiency of a human being. Healthy living is under my area of interest. Communication theory and academic work can be used to help consumers are made aware of the various risks of smoking and the various benefits of treatment of tobacco dependence. Theories related to psychology and teachings have also provided plausible reasons for the tobacco smokers to quit smoking and live a better and healthy life. This teaching activity has helped me to determine the various dangers of tobacco smoking and what precautions can be taken to facilitate better living. It also provided me with the best methods of conveying this vital information to those who needed it most, tobacco smokers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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