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Health Promotion Teaching Plan - Research Paper Example

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Health Promotion Teaching Plan Name Lecturer Date Introduction Health Promotion Teaching Plan Health promotion is any attempt channeled towards enhancing the quality of health and well-being of families, individuals, groups, nations and communities (Riley, 2008)…
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Health Promotion Teaching Plan
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Download file to see previous pages et al., 2000). This paper seeks to develop, perform, and evaluate a teaching plan centered on overall health and wellness through diet, exercise and stress reduction strategies for women, between the ages of 30-50, utilizing various different teaching strategies and techniques in a group setting. Assessment of Learning Needs ?The learning group, which consisted of five members, was taught as a one group due to their small number. The very first pretest was based on “Fact versus Fiction, What are the myths about overall health and wellness through diet, exercise and stress reduction strategies?” was completed by all the members in order to assess their knowledge before the commencement of the seminar. There was a median score was 49% which showed that the awareness of the study group was adequately lacking. The level of development of the group members showed 50% of the group at a high school diploma level, 25% at a Bachelor’s Degree level, and 25% at an Associate’s Degree level. Even though the majority of the participants had corrective vision, one particular member stated challenges in hearing. Gender, religion and race were diversity in the group, two younger members tended to have a more holistic viewpoint seeking alternatives to taking stress strategies. The others showed preference to a more medicinal interventions (Loyd, Lake, & Greenberg, 2004). The learning styles and strategies The strategies and styles of learning that was preferred by the group include: question and answer, explanation and demonstration, and group discussion. Learner Objectives ? The learning objectives for the health promotion teaching plan include:? Affective Domain: the group members are willing to listen actively to presentation given by their instructor on overall health and wellness through diet, exercise and stress reduction strategies as they engage in a group project; Cognitive Domain: every group member will be able to state five facts on overall health and wellness through diet, exercise and stress reduction strategies following the completion of the seminar; Psychomotor Domain: By the end of training, group members will be able to appropriately measure their own stress levels and document the possible stress strategies preferred. Teaching Plan The teaching instructor needs to exhibit flexibility always with respect to, not only the teaching plan in an effort to meet the individual needs of the learner, but also to the learning objectives. Teaching Plan The teaching plan that will be implemented will include the following aspects: Written Pretest “Fact versus Fiction, What are the myths about overall health and wellness through diet, exercise and stress reduction strategies?” guidelines on healthy lifestyle guidelines for all the participants relayed through explanation and answering questions, such as eat a healthy balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and high fiber foods; eat fish at least twice per week; limit sodium intake; and drink no more than one alcoholic drink per day, and getting about 200 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. Evaluation of Teaching and Learning A critical evaluation of all the contents in the last phase of the health promotion teaching plan will be carried out. The teaching plan was precise, clear, and focused on the members in the targeted age group. All the registered nurse, who adheres to the format of the teaching plan, would have the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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