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Sociology Assignment - Essay Example

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But this is not to say that this happened only and exclusively in the United States. This has been the case also in Europe, Asia and other the rest of the world where mixed race marriages are allowed. The annual beauty…
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Sociology Assignment
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"Sociology Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages It also shows that people find beauty in products of mixed races.
Nicole Scherzinger, is an example of a popular celebrity who is a product of mixed race. Speaking of celebrities, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a multiracial family not by natural ways but by adoption. And since this is world wide, it is safe to assume that the conditions, the issues, and situations these mixed race families, also known as multiracial families, are similar in most cases.
I have chosen an article from Family Magazine Los Angeles entitled Finding Ways to Share Ethnic Differences in Multi-Racial Families as a representation of the family. This is how I see families – multi-racial, multi-cultural, dynamic and unique. The article discusses the challenges that multi-racial families face in the society and shares some ways to cope with these challenges as well. This paper in turn will show my analysis of the family as I see it through multi-racial families. First the paper discusses the definition of family and how it has changed through time and then analyze the family’s characteristics and show why families are multi-racial, multi-cultural, dynamic and unique.
Today’s society’s definition of family has changed from how different societies from different eras define families. Before, issues of survival, economics, and politics has dictated how people form families. At present, there are existing laws and cultural practices that also dictate how families are formed. These practices and these dictates have changed all through the centuries. Several factors have affected these practices and beliefs and some identified factors have led to the current state of families today. Divorce has been prevalent thereby expanding the members of the family to siblings from ex-spouses, ex-parents and new parents. Single parenthood as a result of teen pregnancies has also changed the definition of family life because normally family is composed of a father, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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