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Critical Analysis of Zygmunt Bauman's Consumer Life - Assignment Example

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Bauman not only stands out in the midst of his colleagues but his work is also exemplary. However, he is an individual whose sociology indicates a discourse between several aspects of social thought as revealed in his book. One of the most obvious extractions in Bauman’s sociology is related to anti-founding perception of Richard Rorty…
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Critical Analysis of Zygmunt Baumans Consumer Life
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Extract of sample "Critical Analysis of Zygmunt Bauman's Consumer Life"

Download file to see previous pages Bauman resembles Rorty in a different way. He is not worried to determine whether real worlds of sociology exist or not. Nevertheless, he merely identifies that if sociologists need to debate persuasively for new customs of understanding the world, they have to acknowledge that they cannot turn to any introductory principles for justifying that their view of the society is superior to other people.
Bauman’s sociology makes it out that if in international terms the difference between the rich and the poor has become much bigger over the past 25 years and keeps increasing, it admits that the tussles that individuals have to withstand to make a better life are both identical but is dissimilar from what they were over some years back. With this regard, Bauman’s sociology is a criticism of modernity that discerns that if for most of persons surviving in the alleged developing world the struggle is normal; it is ready to admit that for men and women thriving in the overfed industrial economies of the west, disparity has transformed in unbelievable ways just 20 or 30 years ago. Accurately, Bauman’s book covers interesting concepts and viewpoints of people and societal consumption and several other aspects of human nature with regard to these ideas. This essay seeks to review different views expressed in the four key chapters in Bauman’s book about consuming life. Argument for and critiques of his argument are also presented. Review of the Main Chapters The first major chapter to be reviewed here is chapter one. In this chapter, Zygmunt Bauman’s objective was to familiarize his readers to the consumption and consumerism ideas. This is linked to how people, both at personal and societal levels, interrelate with commodities, along with the experience of these commodities not only at present but also in the past period. What can be derived from reading the chapter is that he wanted to give a wider attitude of criticizing the current consumer while at the same time overemphasizing the preceding solid modern society. However, Bauman’s objectives and opinions cannot be perceived quite easily in this chapter. A review of the chapter does not actually reveal the major purpose of the writer. Mainly, this is because his aims or objectives were not noticeably stated. In addition, he was not successful in formulating queries to the readers, whether his assumptions were predictable or not. In this chapter, Bauman’s way of argument was more of formulating a thesis instead of suggesting a hypothesis which was to be verified. The author depended much on presenting an idea simply by name-dropping and then enlightening readers from his own perspective on the. In this context, he mostly referred to other writers, reporters and other records of academic significance. He uses different sources to link terms instead of using accurate information or data. The author ignores the use of proofs that are available in the papers, survey research, private talks, financial or social data as well as certified documents, to support his argument. Yet, this is constant throughout the chapter. Chapter two of Consuming Life provides an explanation of the concept of flawed consumers. He talks about the poor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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