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A 2000 word review of Mark Deuzes Media Work and 2000 word self evaluation - Essay Example

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The striking revelation at a glance from Mark Deuzes’s article on Media is that he attests to the evident transition of contemporary life- a life that has become analogous with work. By quoting the British coaching agency’s description, Deuze acknowledges that instead of…
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A 2000 word review of Mark Deuzes Media Work and 2000 word self evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages His remarks here refer to conditions and setting of liquid life. Among the conditions Deuze is referring to include the challenge and opportunities of precarious labour, contingent employment, and a structural sense of authentic or perceived job insecurity.
The first liquid life condition that Deuze refers to is the challenges and opportunities that are resultant of the current contingent or reliant employment environment. This situation, as noted by Ulrich Beck, reflects the fundamental hesitant prospects of the current work-styles throughout the society which are marked by uncertainty, inconsistency and risks (Deuze, 2006). Deuze notes that it is the nature of contemporary freedom that manifests itself most openly in the noteworthy change of people’s career from a chain of more or less expected achievements. Such is a result of an enduring contract to a continuous reshuffling of job bits and pieces in what has been heralded as portfolio work life (Deuze, 2006). Such reshuffle makes life liquid in nature.
Another condition of liquid life that referred by Deuze is that precarious labour environment in the contemporary transition from life to work and the overall present employment patterns. Using Zygmunt Bauman’s sketch, Deuze notes that stability and solidity, which were at one-time major hallmarks of a health organisation have also become signs of organisation’s weakness. This is a liquid life because such global integration introduces a deep-seated aspect of unpredictability of work, leading to failure or success of the local production process becoming entirely dependent on the fluctuations in the worldwide network.
Consequently, Deuzes’s reference to liquid life is relevant to the perceived job insecurity as it reflects the contemporary workforce behaviours. He notes that such patterns include adaptive response, permanent change, and continual innovation, all expressed as the exclusive philosophies of workforce flexibility. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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