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How far povtery as inpact on child life chaces - Essay Example

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‘Poverty’ is not just a problem of poor people but is a problem for the whole society as it affects every person in the society (Ditch, 1999, p.12). A person can be called as poor…
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How far povtery as inpact on child life chaces
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"How far povtery as inpact on child life chaces"

Download file to see previous pages However, the important thing is to understand that these problems are created because the poor people are deprived of the social, emotional and psychological opportunities that well to do people get.
The lack of financial resources to afford education, home and healthy food affects the future prospects of poor children. To solve the problem of poverty, it is important to know the magnitude of the effect of poverty on the life of poor children. The intention of this research is to understand to what extent poverty affects the life chances of a child. The study also aims to understand what other factors, related to poverty, are responsible for affecting the life chances of poor people.
The word ‘chance’ means opportunity. ‘Life chances’ can be defined as the opportunities a child should get to become whatever he wants to, when he is born. However, the systematic study of the social situations in the eighteenth and nineteenth century revealed that society has regularly displayed a certain trend in the lives of people regarding crime rates, trade, birth rate and mortality rates (Daston, 2008, para 9). The social trend has revealed that people born in the family with certain social background lead a certain life. The regularity of the trend is so astonishing (Daston,2008, para 12) that now, it is possible to tell if a child will enjoy the luxury of life chances or not, simply by knowing the financial status of the family he is born in. The higher the social position is, the more luxurious the financial standing of the family, the higher the possibilities the child will live to get ample supply of food for his nutrition, financing for his education and a shot at a wider career perspective because of the social positioning of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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