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Sexuality - Research Paper Example

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A poor person is deprived of his basic life amenities. He may not get proper food or clothing. …
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Download file to see previous pages But, it is impossible to correctly draw the margin that divides poor from the privileged class. People below a given line of income may be called poor. Many analysts have argued that it is impossible to adjust the poverty threshold over long periods of time using the inflation rate (Consumer Price Index) but that the poverty measure must be reformulated from scratch every so often since what is a necessity’ changes from period to period, from society to society (Hobjin, 2002).

According to G. Duncan “economic conditions in early childhood clearly matter the most and that income effects are nonlinear, with the largest impact associated with increments to very low incomes”. He further states that complete schooling and no marital childbearing are related to parental income during early and middle childhood. This disadvantage suffered by the children of the poor can be overcome if they are given a compulsory education by concerning authorities. Moreover, education should be job oriented. A person could study in an elementary school and still get the right kind of education to help him with his job. The child’s potential should be evaluated and given the kind of education that is suitable to him. If the children of the poor people get the right kind of career oriented education then it will help them in the long run. The poor may not be able to support their kids for higher education. They would need them to help support the family. Hence, the children of the poor should be given basic education that encompasses trade knowledge. This would benefit the students into becoming a better grade laborer who earns more than his peers.

Every human has the right to basic education. It helps get an honest job that produces a decent income necessary to run a family. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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