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Conflict has arisen since their short-comings are exposed the person is seen as a direct threat to their own survival. To add fuel to the fire,…
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Download file to see previous pages he conflict took the ugly turn of vandalism – an act committed in secrecy since the concerned person could not directly confront Vladimir, but he left enough indications of his ire in the message that was scrawled on Vladimir’s car.
The easy way to resolve the crisis can be to dismiss the vandal and hand him over to the police together with the evidence, but such an approach would in no way improve the interpersonal relations within the team. On the other hand, it might exasperate the already tense atmosphere since the opposing camps feel justified in the ugly event and the resultant punishment. The conflict would linger and lead to repetition in due course, because no attempt is being made to rectify behavioral patterns. A better way to deal with the crisis is to address the root cause of the problem and iron out differences through counseling. This would be a learning or retraining process in the context of team work and common goals of an organization. According to Thompson, “Many conflicts in teams emerge because people feel misunderstood or ignored” (Thompson, as quoted in Halverson and Tirmizi, 2008, p.214). By bringing into open the behavioral aspects of the warring factions, a possibility can be created whereby misunderstandings can be reduced.
In the proposed counseling session, the rough edges of Vladimir’s behavior would be exposed to sensitize him to the feelings of his teammates. In a similar manner, instances of Vladimir’s failed attempts to cope with his lesser-endowed colleagues would also be recounted to demonstrate that as a person Vladimir is not averse to correct himself and his behavior. The consequences of handing over the surveillance tapes to the police, dismissal and prosecution will be brought forth strongly to deter repetition of such behavior. Simultaneously, the counseling process would be demonstrated as the management’s goodwill gesture for the first time offence, provided both parties realize their shortcomings and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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