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Managing Expectations in Business and Personal Life - Essay Example

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Naik). As per Horace (65 – 8BC), “Life is largely a matter of expectation” (Cacace MBA, PMP, p.18). These two statements made by two Gurus are contradictory. While Buddha asked people to leave their…
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Managing Expectations in Business and Personal Life
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"Managing Expectations in Business and Personal Life"

Download file to see previous pages Keeping a balance between personal and professional life is extremely difficult. Both business/professional life and personal life are filled with immense stress in the current world because of the increased commitments of people towards, their family, profession and society. Managing expectations in personal professional life are extremely difficult because of these commitments. This paper briefly explains the management of expectations in personal and professional life.
At the center of every influential person and organization is the effective management of expectations (Cacace MBA, PMP, p.18). A professional always have a dual life; personal and professional. In fact a profession is required by an individual for making his/her personal life enjoyable. So it is not wise for a person to concentrate heavily on professional life by neglecting the needs of personal life. For example, most of the working women try to keep their babies in daycare centers even at a much younger stage when the infant badly in need of the mothers care and love, in order to fulfill their professional commitments. Such habits will destroy the physical and mental development of the child for who they work. In other words, they are trying to provide a better life to their children at one side while destroying their life on the other side. They must try to keep a balance between these two sides by taking as much as break from the profession when their children are badly in need of their presence, love and care.
When your intentions are not in perfect alignment with expectations, and expectations are not in sync with requirements and objectives; you are putting too much faith in luck and relinquishing control to chaos (Cacace MBA, PMP, p.18). Expectations should be realistic and objective based. Expectations and requirements should have synchronization. There is no point in expecting a trip to sun as it is unrealistic. Also, it is not logical for an uneducated person to expect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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