Changing Roles and Responsibilities of HR Manager in Globalized Business Environment - Essay Example

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High level competition and business environment fluctuations prevailing within the existing business environment has made the role of an employee’s performance quite vital in the long term success and sustainability of the business organization…
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Changing Roles and Responsibilities of HR Manager in Globalized Business Environment
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Download file to see previous pages In order to cope up with such external environmental problems, adoption of globalization has become one of the one of the suitable options for different business organization. However, the proper application of this strategy is not an easy task for the management of the organization as there are a number of different issues related with the handling cross cultural business practices. This expansion of business at international level also enforce the organization to face some critical issues related with its human resource management such as conflicts among its employees, decreased morale and productivity of the employee, lack of proper co-ordination and team work within a culturally diversified team, and so on (Harzing, and Pinnington 2011). In regards to above discussion, the paper aims to find the role of a HR manager in managing and appreciating well diversify workforce render by an organization in existing highly globalized business environment. The paper work is focused on checking the viability and effectiveness of different HR related perspectives related with cross cultural workforce management in the success and sustainability of the international business of a business organization....
e to liberalization across the world’s economy and increasing usage of advanced information technologies, the international business expansion has become quite preferable strategy undertaken by business organizations for addressing different business related issues. However, adoption of international business expansion strategy has also bring some intensive changes in the human resource related practices and strategies of the organization. Nowadays, the span of HR practices and responsibilities has become quite comprehensive. The main reason behind this trend is the increasing diversity in its workforce (Boone, and Van Den Bosch 1997). When a business organization expands its operations in a new geographical region, it becomes quite essential for them to use the local resources as it helps the management to be acclimatized with new business environment and reduce the total operating cost. In this context, the organization also has to hire human resource from the domestic market to undertake a better management and commencement of different business activities. The prime problem faced by the organization in this cross cultural hiring is that the working style, and cultural norms pursued by hired employees from local market is quite different with that pursued by the organization. As there are significant differences between organizational culture and practices followed by the employees, it becomes the prime aspect of HR practices to fill this gap. Due to the differences between what employees do and what the organization wants from them, the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization hampers quite intensively. In this regard, it becomes an utmost responsibility of HR department of the organization to manage the internationally diversified work force in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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