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Managment And Leadership Development - Essay Example

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This essay talks that management development and leadership is one of the most complex and least understood areas of management. World has come a long way from the bureaucratic management style to the strategic management and leadership. Management is an organized human activity…
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Managment And Leadership Development
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Download file to see previous pages This report declares that managers are mainly responsible with the ways and means of getting a job done. Hence it can be concluded that management has the responsibility of planning and regulating the organization by designing and implementing proper procedures. Management is also responsible for ensuring the cooperation of employees and team work by guiding and supervising their activities and providing appropriate motivation. Some of the most significant changes in management in the last twenty years have been brought due to world recession. Global recession has increased competition and the importance of marketing. This increased competition has led to the adoption of new management techniques. Globalization and resultant increased competition has put pressure on the management to anticipate change and prepare organizational resources to meet those needs.
This paper makes a conclusion that after studying the various aspects and views of management development and leadership it is concluded that both of them are necessary for sustainable long term growth of the organization. In this fast changing, highly competitive, globalized world, organizations need to adapt swiftly to the changing environment which can only be done by creating a learning environment in the organization. Learning culture encourages managers to develop their skills and knowledge through training and development and the development of managers should be matched with organizational needs for mutual benefit. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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