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Leadership Development & Change Management - Research Paper Example

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 The objective of the paper emphasizes on the aspects related to leadership development and change management, from a critical perspective. Leadership management can, therefore, be depicted as a key mechanism that initiates organization’s success and preserves its growth …
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Leadership Development & Change Management
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Extract of sample "Leadership Development & Change Management"

Download file to see previous pages Change management represents a structured method that helps in the transitional process of individuals, teams and the organization on the whole, to a desired imminent state of competency. It is an organizational process that aims at providing empowerment to the employees for accepting and embracing the changes within the current environment of the organization (Ryerson University, 2011). In accordance with this notion of organizational leadership, Ford Motor Company has been focused on the advancement and effectiveness of its employees at all levels in an all-inclusive manner along with practicing effective stakeholder engagement strategies. The change observed within the internal business environment of Ford inculcates preparation for starting a new operation and simultaneously, planning for the execution of advance and latest innovative ideas for success. Additionally, the change management strategies practiced by Ford include the clear perspective that entails effective communication of operations. The leadership practices of Ford also aim towards an effective transformation of the cultural change that fosters transparency. Nevertheless, due attention is also rendered towards consistency for framing new strategies and policies that can facilitate creativity and enthusiasm within the organization (SlideShare Inc, 2013). The problem statement of the research study indulges explaining the scope and nature of the leadership development and change management within Ford. Adaptation to change has become a vital framework for any organization today. With respect to all organizational changes, its effects are complex and critical, which requires the support of effective leadership (Paton & McCalman, 2000). Considering the prospects of organizational change, a major challenge often witnessed by organizations is the change resistance deciphered by employees, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders. The underneath reasons for resistance to change also inculcates organizational redesigning advocating changes of existing power structure and position of the employees, which might require them to come out of their comfort zone. Creation of advance and latest technological changes that can result in challenges related to procedures, techniques and the desired skills associated with the new technique initiated. Furthermore, it entails apathetic nature of the employees that result in their resistance to desired changes. Thus, for effective leadership development, the leader must mitigate the challenges related to change management for organization’s growth and development (Paton & McCalman, 2000). Critical Analysis Machiavellianism and Ethical Consideration Machiavellianism is a leadership trait that is often practiced to combat the influences of the interpersonal relationship of the employees on their acceptance or readiness to change being implemented in the organization.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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