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Managing Expatriate : a Task for Operations Manager - Research Paper Example

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Managing Expatriate Name of the Student: Name of the University: Date: Abstract In present scenario, multinational companies are using expatriate staff in order to solve their balancing the labor market demand and also it has been found that absence of required skill set among local human capital encourages companies to hire expatriates who have the required skill set…
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Managing Expatriate : a Task for Operations Manager
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Download file to see previous pages In such context, this paper has tried to understand the academic expatriate issue in the backdrop of a College for Women situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The college is facing problems like high attrition rate of academic expatriates, lack of engagement level of academic expatriates to the work, lack of motivation and conflict arises due to cultural differences between local academic staff and academic expatriates. The study tried to understand key reasons behind these problems and two academic expatriates have been used as representative of all the expatriates working in the college. Tentative suggestions have also been given in the report which would help the college to retain talented academic expatriates and enhance loyalty of these academic expatriates towards the College for Women. ...
Altbach (2004) found that literature regarding academic expatriate is pretty scarce in contrast to research works regarding business expatriates. Richardson and McKenna (2002) found that universities and academic institutions can be classified as alternate version of organizational framework which is accompanied with cross functional departments. However, Altbach (2004) argued that there is significant asymmetry exist between business organizational environment and academic organizational environment. For example, in case of academic institutions and universities, expatriates involve in undertaking research, consultancy work, course administration, lecturing and doing operational works while in case of business organizations, performance expectancy from expatriates depends heavily on business outcomes (Barry, Berg & Chandler, 2003). Therefore, it can be assumed that academic expatriates are more involved in knowledge delivery process and they differ from business expatriates in socio and psycho-cultural aspects. However, the researcher has found that attrition rate for academic expatriates in the College for Women is pretty high and the college is performing poorly when it comes to retaining retain talented and skilled expatriate academics. As part of the Operations Management Team, the researcher has decided to draw an overall management plan to ensure smooth entry and to retain talented and skilled expatriate academics. Objectives It has been already mentioned that the researcher is working as the team member in the Operations Management Team who is working on behalf of College for Women. Core agenda of the research work is to help the college to develop a strategic to recruit and retain talented academic expatriate. However, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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