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Expatriation as a Staffing Method - Coursework Example

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The paper “Expatriation as a Staffing Method” supports developing programs for expatriation and repatriation to increase company’s competencies and points out person-related factors that predict expatriate success: agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience. …
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Expatriation as a Staffing Method
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Download file to see previous pages Lane, DiStefano, and Maznevski suggest that organizations observe ‘expatriation as a strategic tool…to develop managers with a global orientation…to manage key organizational and country relationships (2000, p.208). This makes it imperative for the parent country to send reliable, high performing employees on expatriate assignments. This staffing solution has implications for human resource management (HRM) activities and policies. Management of expatriates or international assignees as they are referred to is more complex than that of local employees. Apart from orientation and training prior to departure, relocation and accommodation of the family is also the organization’s responsibility.
Traditional HRM works with employees within a single national boundary. International HRM goes beyond the gamut of local HRM activities by forging a relationship with three employment types, host-country nationals, parent-country nationals, and third-country nationals. Strategic HRM processes are required to manage these diverse appointments. Stahl and others ( Pucik 1998, 770) state that ‘the influence of the HR department has been less evident’ in organizations. This implies a lack of HR involvement at the time of strategic decision making and consequent struggle in grappling with international HRM complexities.
Organizations garner the strategic business advantage of leaving an imprint of the style of operation and level of efficiency expected in the host country by expatriating experienced employees from the parent country. The organizational need for control is satisfied by the presence of an expatriate in a foreign location. Sparrow, Brewster, and Harris observe that organizations want the advantage of key strategic and managerial positions managed by expatriates from the home country (2004, p.55). Stronger communication lines between headquarter and host country are made possible by the presence of a Parent Country National. The expatriate is responsible for facilitating the headquarter capacity to influence host country processes and manage operations during crisis situations. Managerial and technical skill levels can be monitored and due processes designed to keep capabilities at par with headquarter requirements. Work culture can also be effectively spread by this form of assignment in the host country (Mead 2005, p.356). ‘Headquarters staff gain experience abroad. Managers gain an understanding of international business through expatriate assignments, and the organizational culture of headquarters becomes internationalized’. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Expatriation As a Staffing Method Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words - 4.
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