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Deportation is not a good solution to reduce illegal immigrants issues - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Deportation is not a good solution to reduce illegal immigrants’ issues. Deportation is the process of giving a person or group of people an expulsion from a certain place or country because they do not belong in that country…
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Deportation is not a good solution to reduce illegal immigrants issues
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"Deportation is not a good solution to reduce illegal immigrants issues"

Download file to see previous pages This deportation may be mostly done to illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are people who migrate to a certain place or country without following the right procedures or without formal certification of the migration. A country may deport illegal immigrants because of their unknown status to the security of the country. Reasons for such a person migrating may be several a fleeing criminal, or individuals fleeing from internal war in the country. If a person is a criminal then he/she migrates to a foreign country without formal accreditation and may pose as a security risk to that country. Deportation may be advantageous to the country, but it may also cause harm to the victims involved that is if the victim migrated his/her country because of political instability. Such victims may be seeking refuge in the current country, is deported then, he/she will lack place to go, and thus, he might be subjected to harsh environments. Rules of a given country give the rightful rights of deporting immigrants living in the country with or without legal certification of staying in the country (Forsythe & Lawson 53). If a given country’s rules and regulations give authority of deporting the immigrants then, the immigrants have no luck of staying in the country. What is contained in this paper argues out that actually deportation is not a good solution to resolve illegal immigrants’ issues. ...
ed by those individuals who have committed serious crimes, entered the country without legal certification, and overstayed their visa and,or they have lost their legal certification of staying in the country (Forsythe &Lawson53-54).External deportation is only done to those immigrants who have broken the rules of immigration. These rules govern the mode and way of migrating and additionally they give legal certification for staying in the given country. If these immigrants break the rules and enter the country without certification, they are deported back to their original countries. The second form of deportation is internal deportation, which occurs only in the country or state. This is whereby an individual is deported out of the state he/she does not belong to. For example, an individual can be deported from California back to his/her original state because he/she does not belong in California. In this form of deportation, the rules of the state are the ones facilitating this process of deportation, but not the rules governing the whole country. Immigrants who migrate to the new place or state are subjected to deportation if they are there without legal certification of migration. This may also be referred to the country’s rules and regulation if need arises. Reasons for such deportation within a state is that an individual or a group of people may be acting as spies, helpers or undercover for the enemy and thus may bring harm to the state (Garcia 15). For example, the state of Georgia deported about 400 females who were workers at the mill industry. These female workers were deported on reasons that they were suspected to be northern sympathizers. This happened during the civil war. The governing body of Georgia had all the rightful rights to deport the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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