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The applicant must, therefore, demonstrate management skills. The job entails the application of management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and budgeting for the activities of the…
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Strategic Staffing
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Strategic Staffing Strategic Staffing Job Maintenance Department Manager Position This is a managerial position. The applicant must, therefore, demonstrate management skills. The job entails the application of management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and budgeting for the activities of the department. The maintenance department manager will work under the general manager in charge of production and will be answerable to the office. He will also be required to oversee the performance of other workers and be an authority in the department.
Question No.
Interview Question
Importance of the question
Type of information expected
What do you think is the real work of the maintenance department manager?
This question aims at getting the interviewee to explain what they perceive the work they are applying for really involve.
The applicant is expected to demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the job and the details of its activities.
What relevant experience do you have to fill such a position?
The question aims at having the applicant to put forward what they feel they have relevant to the identified job activities.
The information expected here should be in the form of statements indicating specific job related competencies of the interviewee.
What do you know about this company?
This is an open question that aims at bringing out from the applicants perspective the image of the company
The kind of information obtained here is supposed to present the external image of the company. It should be in the form of narration
Why did you leave your previous work?
This question is important because it describes why the interviewee might still leave the company.
The information expected here is a statement explaining the reasons why the interviewee left his or her previous job. The reason could be low pay, interpersonal conflicts or job preference.
What do you think your previous employer would say about you if he or she were here?
This question is important because it helps the interviewee to rate themselves as the previous employer would.
Information expected here should be a description of self from the eyes of the previous employer. The kind of description, however, depends on the relationship the two had.
Tell me of any of your achievements in your previous employment
This question targets to identify the kind of asset the company may be hiring. It seeks to identify if the interviewee can offer anything new to the company
The kind of information expected here should relate to the innovations and job related achievements of the applicant if any.
How would you handle a case of a customer complaining that one of your staff asked him for money that was not necessary?
This question explores the practical conflict resolution skills of the prospective manager
The applicant is expected to systematically describe his or her response to the situation and how they are going to deal with it.
How are you when working under pressure?
This is a question that should show the behavior of the applicant when under work pressure.
What is expected here is a description. It is from this description that the behavior of the applicant can be assessed.
Why do you think you are the best suited for this job?
This question is important in obtaining the interviewee’s personal beliefs and image. It helps to screen how the applicant feels about themselves and how they think this puts them is a better position for the job.
The expected information here is in the form of explanation of the skills and quality that are relevant for the job.
How much salary do you think this company could pay you if you were hired?
This is also a behavioral question aimed at exploring the applicants attitude towards the company, the job and self
The expected information here is a detailed statement on their expected salary. The response should give more that general information. The applicant’s non-verbal cues are also observed.
Schmitt, N. (2012). The Oxford handbook of personnel assessment and selection. New York: Oxford University Press. Read More
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Strategic Staffing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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