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It is a process of rehiring previous employees. Organization use of this system of acquiring employees is employed especially when the organization structure has…
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Ernst & Young Inc
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Rehiring Schematics of Multinational Organization Introduction Boomerang is a practice major and multinational organizations utilize to avoid time and resource wastage when hiring. It is a process of rehiring previous employees. Organization use of this system of acquiring employees is employed especially when the organization structure has a limitation in the labor resource. Complexity of an organization work skill is also a major reason why boomeranging might be the greatest idea a company can adopt.
Rehiring and Reasons for and Against
Ernst and Young is a multinational that deals with companies of different work ethics worldwide. It needs a work force that is not only customer-oriented, but which also has the knowhow to conduct their work honestly and diligently. Its span to Europe, Middle East, Africa, America, Asia-Pacific and Japan and its service line of Assurance, Tax, Advisory and Transaction Advisory services does not give it the luxury to hire new employees every time. Training employees is an expensive affair and waste of resource, rehiring of employees is a cheaper method.
Advantages of Rehiring
1. Aids in boosting employees morale
2. No need for retraining, therefore less costly
3. Brings new experience gathered outside to the business
4. Increases loyalty and productivity as they appreciate that the company took them back even after their contract had expired
5. Rehiring high performing employees ensures that your company has the skills it requires to move forward
Disadvantages of Rehiring
1. Underperforming or employees with a vendetta against the company might be more of baggage than advantageous, even if they are good workers
2. Employees backlash: Current employees who were there when the employee was been fired and see them being rehired, might feel the unworthiness of the rehired employee.
3. Competition: High performing workers when rehired may bring unwanted competition as every person tries to guide their position
4. Workers reason for coming back might be just that they need work and not that they wanted to come back. Their input might be short-lived (Bechet, 2008)
Why Would a Former Employee Consider Re-Applying?
Each employee in an organization brings a different skill and expertise that make the organization run more efficiently and be productive. Those employees that are inconsistent with the company policy of work ethics and do not conform to the company’s policy should not be rehired when they leave. A former employee would reapply owing to the following reasons:
1. Change in management
2. Increment in salary and allowances
3. Employee motivation and free will to express their dissatisfaction without being victimized
4. Promotion policy that addresses both loyalty and productivity
5. Retiring policy that caters for the retired employees to be able to access their benefits
Disadvantages of an Alumni Web Page
1. Posting of job vacancies on the website may create a feeling not being appreciated by the company as competent for the job. They may feel as if the company does not consider them qualified enough for existing positions.
2. Employees who left the organization, pursued other areas or even the same area of expertise, and are doing well, may create a desire for the current employees to leave and pursue their career development out of the company
3. Employees who left and started something of their own and seceded might poach out the current employees of the organization, as there is interaction
4. The current employees of the company may fear being replaced, resulting to discontentment and dissatisfaction
5. It exposes the organizations flaws to the outsiders who are in form of former employees.
Advantages of an Alumni Web Page
1. It is a good way to source out interested high performing employees, as they are informed of existing vacancies
2. The organization, through interacting with former employees, knows what flaws exist within the organization and who can remedy them
3. Keeping track of former employees enables the company to know the impact it has. If its former employees are successful in their endeavors, it means the organization policy is a success
4. Social events is a way for the current employees to seek advice and know the history of the organization better which will enable them manage the organization more efficiently
5. Former employees are able to resource with the organization and friends they had and keep up with the current trend of the organization running (Phillips and Gully, 2011)
Bechet, T.P. (2008). Strategic Staffing: A Comprehensive System for Effective Workforce Planning. New York: AMACOM.
Phillips, J.M., and Gully, S.M. (2011). Strategic Staffing. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall. Read More
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