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The term strategic staffing is used to denotes an organization’s process of identifying and addressing the issues of staffing in their over all strategy and objectives for their business. The main objective that companies achieve by implementing strategic staffing is to…
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Staffing strategy is a term used to denote the long-term plan which provides direction to the organization regarding the staffing issue; the strategy focuses on the supply and demand of the staffing issue with the objective of ensuring that the organization is able to meet the demands of the required workforce. While staffing strategy is created for the longer run, staffing plans are created for the short run and these plans address staffing issues in the short run, the issues addressed are the shortage and surplus of staff members in the short run (Bechet 17).
3. There are two staffing levels, the deficit level, in which the number of staff members required and the kind of skills and abilities required by a company are not available to the company, the second level is staffing surplus when the number of required staff members is higher than the required number and the skills and abilities required are even in compliance with the desired skills and abilities required by the organization (Bechet 79). Staffing level can be determined in a quantitative manner in which emphasis is on the head count and the qualitative manner in which the emphasis is on desired skills and abilities. An organization achieves right staffing levels when their staff members have the desired skills and abilities and the headcount is equal or more than the desired amount of staff members.
4. Uncontrollable actions that arise while an organization develops its staffing model include voluntary turnover, retirement and losses caused as a result of employees taking planned leaves (Bechet 50). Voluntary turnover takes place when employees leave the organization out of their own will, retirements take place when employees reach a certain age and the organization no longer needs them and losses arise because the employee takes leave from the organization due ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mgmt3010 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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