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How essential is the measurement of personality for organisations - Essay Example

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But its not as simple as that, the human personality consists of three important traits, whose perfect development ensures a balanced personality, the…
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How essential is the measurement of personality for organisations
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Download file to see previous pages Development is the growth of the body and the mind; it is the enhancement of the personality in its most fine sense, to its highest degree. Dedication is the blessing of the well disciplined and properly developed personality traits, for a dignified and noble cause. (Aiken, L. R. (2006)
Discipline on the other hand, is a negative aspect of the ethics trait, and it sought to control desires, fervor and craving. Sometimes, when describing a famous person or a well-known person, we hear the words “he has a ‘beautiful personality”
When a person is a possessor of such great virtues such as will power, good self confidence, earnestness, integrity, power of discrimination and pleasing manners, he is known to have a good personality. And when that is the case, then no doubt a good personality is attractive to others and that in itself, leads to external beauty.
Following the famous saying “do not judge a book by its cover” we must not take good looks as a sign of a good personality. A good looking face is always deceiving. If we go by the dictionary meaning of personality, it is the incorporated compilation of a person’s psychological, emotional, intellectual, and physical characteristic, as they are shown to other people.(Neukrug, E. S., & Fawcett, R. C. (2010)
Large organizations, before hiring employees, put them through tests which are specially designed to measure the different dimensions of a personality and its related characteristics.( Grout, J., & Perrin, S. (2002). 
These tests are not conducted to predict the behavior of the employees but to single out individuals, who may have a tendency for troublemaking, or may be frauds or engage in theft. Employers use personality tests to understand the traits of their employee and whether the employee is the best fit for the organizational setting.
Unlike normal tests, a personality test require the applicant to answer questions which are both pleasant and unpleasant, and in turn reveal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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