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I feel special love and affection for others. In my whole family, nobody is as close to the elders as I am. I believe in relations and gain and impart strength through them. They may not necessarily be blood-relations. A nurse interacts with the patients in…
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Becoming a nurse
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19 December Becoming a nurse I am a born nurse. I feel special love and affection for others. In my whole family, nobody is as close to the elders as I am. I believe in relations and gain and impart strength through them. They may not necessarily be blood-relations. A nurse interacts with the patients in such a way that the two can relate to each other emotionally. So I want to be a nurse.
I always feel like doing something for others. I attribute this fundamentally to my religious beliefs, according to which, we will be rewarded in the world hereafter for our love and affection for others in this world. Establishing that as my goal, I kept thinking about the potential ways in which I could benefit others throughout my childhood and teenage. I finally reached the conclusion that I need to join a profession that enables me to involve with people emotionally to console and satiate them, and no profession allows that more than the profession of nursing. Nursing is more than just a profession as it requires a nurse to be personally and emotionally involved in his/her interaction with the patients. This personal and emotional link has healing power and is sometimes even more special and effective than medicines.
I also want to become a nurse because there is currently a shortage of nurses in the US. Becoming a nurse gives me the surety that I will be employed as soon as I attain my degree. Moreover, I want to join the profession of nursing as it provides an individual with the opportunity of social networking which is essential for both personal and professional growth of an individual. Read More
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