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Research skills 2 - Essay Example

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There are two research paradigms which have two different views of reality. Quantitative research assumes reality to be well defined and can be…
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Research skills 2
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Download file to see previous pages This research aims at interpretation rather than verification of the theories. This paradigm is mostly popular in social sciences research and is the favorite method of anthropologists.
Qualitative researchers typically rely on the following methods for gathering information: Participant Observation, Non-participant Observation, Field Notes, Reflexive Journals, Structured Interview, Unstructured Interview, Analysis of documents and materials.( Marshall& Rossman ,1998, page no not known). ‘Qualitative research’ is a broad term encompassing a number of approaches, paradigms and schools. Among these different approaches and traditions of qualitative research, ‘there are widespread concerns for quality.’; ‘the need for principles of practice to be made manifest’ (Spencer et al (2003. p 4) .To assess the quality in qualitative research, a framework has been designed by Spencer et al (2003).
This framework consists of four guiding principles which branch out into appraisal questions’ and ‘quality indicators’. Let us try to assess the quality of a qualitative work on the basis of this framework.
Credible/clear discussion of how findings have contributed to knowledge and understanding (e.g. of the policy, programme or theory being reviewed); might be applied to new policy developments, practice or theory
Through the literature review the study claims to be unique in the sense that previous studies focused on identification of stressors while this study undertakes comparison of the identified stressors.
Since, no study undertook such comparison, it investigates a new aspect of previously identified area. At the same time, it identifies a new area for investigation-- ‘‘safety’’, the demands associated with terrorist threats.
It does give a detailed description of the contexts of study elite UK athletes from a wide range of sports but no mention of generalization to other settings. However, it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Skills 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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