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APPROACHES TO QUALITATITIVE AND QUANTITATIVE INTERVIEWS By: Professor: University: City: Date: Introduction Social research is defined as an elaborate process that follows a clearly defined methodology to generate scientific knowledge (Gatrell, 2009, p. 110)…
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Approaches to Qualitative and Quantitativethe Interview
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Download file to see previous pages The two approaches are qualitative and quantitative interviewing. The widely defined distinction between quantitative and qualitative approaches is that quantitative approach is usually objective and uses statistics and figures while qualitative approach are subjective and relies on language and descriptions (Long, White, Friedman & Brazeal, 2000, p. 189). Although this differentiation is correct; they assert that it does not capture the different setting that the two operate. They observe that quantitative and qualitative research methods are usually based on varying epistemological and ontological assumptions shaping the research, the function of the researcher and the relationship between the researcher and the respondent. Yauch and Steudel (2003, p. 467) explains that the difference between qualitative and quantitative evident in two levels. The two are distinguished by first; the type of data collected where in quantitative data statistics are collected by use of surveys and experimentation among other techniques. On the other hand, qualitative data are words collected by use of interviews, participant observation, and focus groups discussion (Yauch and Steudel, 2003, p. 467). The second level of difference between the two methods postulates that the two are distinctive research paradigms. They argue that the focus of quantitative and qualitative research is usually different adding that the appropriateness in use of either relies on the fundamental assumption of the researcher and the characteristics of the trend being studied. In social research, interviewing is the main technique that is used to gain insights into the aspect being studied. This paper will evaluate the qualitative approaches to the interview and assess how these differ from quantitative approaches. Qualitative Research Interview There are various approaches that to qualitative research interview. Alvesson (2003, p. 13) outlined that neo-positivist, romantic and localist as some approaches used in qualitative interviews. A neo-positivist approach to qualitative research views an interview as a mission to search and discover and the basic objective of conducting the interview is to extracting accurate information from the interviewees (Welch and Piekkari, 2006, p. 418). To achieve their objectives, interviewers should carry out the interview in an impartial manner to reduce biasness and distortion of responses. In the neo-positivist approach, traditional measures of reliability, objectivity, repeatability and validity are the key indicators of the quality of the interview (Payne, & Wansink, 2011, p. 380). The approach views language instrumentally and mechanically as a medium to pass information between the interviewee and the interviewer (Welch and Piekkari, 2006, p. 418). The main challenge that faces the interviewer is usually on how to phrase the questions appropriately and precisely to eliminate potential misunderstanding between them and thereby ensure accurate retrieval of information from the respondent. The second approach to qualitative interviewing is the romantic approach. This approach contradicts the neo-positivist’s proposition that researchers must maintain a neutral and objective position when carrying out an interview (Welch and Piekkari, 2006, p. 418). This model recognizes the basic nature of interviews as a way of social interaction and therefore the proponents of this approach argue that interviewers should strive to engage their respondents at a personal level. They hold that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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