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Components of Qualitative Approaches - Assignment Example

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 This study is carried out should provide a detailed analysis of a qualitative approach to conducting research. Qualitative research involves the process of collecting data with non-discrete measures, for example, research involving investigation of people’s opinions or attitudes.  …
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Components of Qualitative Approaches
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"Components of Qualitative Approaches"

Download file to see previous pages The three topics all involve the use of qualitative information. To investigate the political opinions of citizens of country A, a researcher has to set interviews that will convert the qualitative attributes into quantitative measures. For example, the interview may have questions like “Do the candidates you intend to vote for know your economic challenges?” The responses can be assigned numeric indices to measure their level of strength as shown in the example in the table below:
While using interviews to gather information from the people, few challenges were met. Some of them were, only a small number of these interviews could take place because they vary in time (University of Portsmouth, 2010). Comparison of in-depth interviews may be difficult since the results may be unique. Due to the size of the sample, in this case, is small, the results are unlikely to be representative of a particular population. The interview process may be time-consuming, in terms of both data collection and analysis. There were many inconsistencies in the results due to bias amongst the people’s tastes and preferences.
The following measures were recommended to be more effective in ways of collecting and interpretation of data especially through interviews. To avoid the inconsistencies, the data should be recorded in the agreed upon ways (Phil Rabinowitz, 2013) e.g. if the agreed upon way is using laptops, then laptops should be used to collect all results. Organization of the data is also a very important process that helps during the analysis. For example, the use of Geographical Information Systems is necessary especially when collecting data for investigating the political opinions of citizens based on different regions in that country.
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