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Mixed methods: Qatar - Essay Example

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The study “Mixed methods: Qatar” has for its aim the exploration of the causes of disruptions and delays in large-scale infrastructure projects, during the phases of initiation and planning, in the state of Qatar. The paper explores ways of integrating quantitative and qualitative data…
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Mixed methods: Qatar
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Download file to see previous pages It has been established in the literature review that there is value in investigating the causes of disruptions in delays in large-scale infrastructure projects in Qatar, given the large negative impacts of such delays in the success of past infrastructure projects with global import, such as the Asian Games in 2000, and given that the country is set to host the World Cup in 2022. The lessons and insights to be gleaned from such a study of the causes of disruptions and delays in large infrastructure undertakings, specifically in the initiation and planning stages, ought to improve the prospects for the successful staging of the 2022 World Cup in particular, and other large infrastructure undertakings by Qatar in general. The study, mindful of past experiences and with an eye towards improving outcomes in the said areas moving forward, takes off from an analysis of deficiencies and shortcomings in the past and hopes to look at such factors as the management models and best practices employed by the Qatari project management teams in order to ensure the success of public undertakings such as the 2022 World Cup (Deloitte Global Services Limited 2013; Arab Times Kuwait English Daily 2013; Simons 2007).
It is important to note that mixed methods considerations factor into a novel area of investigation such as the causes of delays in large scale infrastructure projects as they apply to the Qatar case, given that the literature in general is still exploring those causes, and the growing body of research continues. to focus on pinning down the areas in the initiation and planning stages of the projects that are prone to cause problems. The large body of research all point to a common theme, and that is of the initiation and planning stages being particularly problematic and causing significant delays and disruptions. In the context of the Qatari case, where the need to come up with fixes to the potential problems relating to such delays is very important, given the global importance of the upcoming World Cup event in 2022, and given that being able to identify and overcome the sources of such delays and disruptions should bolster Qatar’s public spending performance and the performance of its large-scale infrastructure in the long run in general. The context is important too, given that Qatar-specific data collection exercises must be relevant and must help in ferreting out the problems and their causes as they relate to delays and disruptions in the crucial early stages of project planning and execution. Going back to the main problems to be addressed in this paper, relating to which aspects of the overall research question lend themselves to being answered with qualitative data and quantitative data respectively, the question of integration is important with regard to the two sets of data, given that the enormity of the problem and the enormity of its positive impacts to Qatar’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mixed Methods: Qatar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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