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Components of Qualitative Approach - Assignment Example

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Qualitative research involves the process of collecting data with non-discrete measures (Vogt, 2007), for example, research involving investigation of people’s opinions or attitudes. This…
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Components of Qualitative Approach
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"Components of Qualitative Approach"

Download file to see previous pages The three topics all involve the use of qualitative information. To investigate the political opinions of citizens of a country A, a researcher has to set interviews that will convert qualitative attributes to quantitative measures. For example, an interview can set a question like “Do the contestants you intend to vote for know your economic challenges”. The responses can be assigned numeric indices to measure their strengths for example:
Interviews usually have challenges during data collection because it deals with personal opinions and often touches on sensitive issues which many respondents may not be willing to provide information on. There is always a risk of collecting inaccurate data due to confidentiality. Secondly, respondents do not realize the importance of the data being collected. They thus do not present exact information. They either exaggerate and fabricate information or conceal real truth. Thirdly, language barrier may prevent the interviewer and the respondents from communicating. Involving an interpreter may be irritating to the respondents and they may not take part in the exercise.
There are ways of dealing with the challenges in order to improve the quality of data collected. For the sake of accuracy, it is ideal to express friendliness to the respondents in order to win their confidence. This will encourage them to be honest with their information. The issue of language barrier can only be solved using an interpreter. It means the researcher has the responsibility to acquire an interpreter.
Qualitative interviews according to the perspectives of Singh (2007) are essential for research works first, because the information regarding social and political subjects is usually of qualitative nature. Secondly, it is easier to interpret qualitative information into measurable quantities that people can easily understand. Qualitative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Components of Qualitative Approach Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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