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Quantitative and Qualitative Methods of Research - Case Study Example

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This paper "Quantitative and Qualitative Methods of Research" discusses two very distinct methods of research in many fields that were once thought to be on different poles offers exciting possibilities to researchers and enlightens both worlds of the universality of both types of measurements…
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Quantitative and Qualitative Methods of Research
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Extract of sample "Quantitative and Qualitative Methods of Research"

Download file to see previous pages Today, with the onset of various developments in the methods of research in different fields and the general recognition that integrating both methods provide a realistic and complete model required for evaluation, the boundary of the terms becomes vague yet integrative, complementary and supportive of each other. More and more health studies, for example, are utilizing qualitative methods to improve healthcare and medicine (Borreani et al., 2004), while human behavior is also quantified by using statistical and mathematical models (Griffiths and Byrne, 1998; McKibbon and Gadd, 2004). As evidence, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Maryland, USA have also incorporated the investigation of aspects concerning social science and behavioral science in many of its medical researches (Bachrach and Abeles, 2004). Quantitative methods usually aim to measure progress while qualitative procedures measure the human effect of a product or process in the quality of human life (Weinreich, 2006). This adds to an in-depth, broad and holistic perception of the test or process in question. In fact, because of overlapping studies and mixed protocols and methods, especially in health care, a consensus on qualifying the nature and applicability of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of a study has been developed (Borreani et al., 2004) and a study of the different methods that can be applied depending on their prescribed functions and roles has been described (OCathain et al., 2007).

A majority of qualitative methods focus on the subject of the research and his emotional perception of the study (Borreani et al., 2004) which usually requires him to plunge into a cultural condition. Because of this, the researcher, especially in the social sciences, directly relates with the subjects under observations and gathers data by conducting intensive interviews and observation, focus group discussions and exhaustive meetings and consultation (Meyer, 2000). The researcher generally finds out the effect and significance of common experience or condition and unfolds the psychological course which elicits a behavior.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Quantitative and Qualitative Methods of Research Case Study.
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