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Quantitative Market - Research Paper Example

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Quantitative Market Research
Problem Definition
Films 4 You is a small regional chain of DVD rental stores. Over the last two years, the company has experienced a considerable decline in its turnover. …
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Quantitative Market
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Download file to see previous pages From an earlier interview with a small sample of customers, the same reasons were identified as possible causes for the decline in turnover (Kothari, 2008). Design Question, Aim and Objectives Due to the declining returns for Films 4 You the current study aims at finding the exact cause of the problem to provide the management with a platform from which they can address the problem. In the last 24 months, the company has witnessed a drastic decline in its return. This has resulted into a considerable concern among the stakeholders. The research design seeks to address the question of how to identify the actual cause of the decline from the two possible causes already identified. The objectives of the design are: a) To ascertain whether Films 4 you products do not match customer expectations b) to determine whether the decline in Films 4 You`s turnover arises from the fact that the competitors are attracting film 4 You customers. ...
It will indicate the cause of the declining returns arising from the survey of the sample population. The design is likely to point to the failure in strategic management. a) Methodology Research Methods and Techniques Method is described as a systematic and sequentially organized approach, which is focused on data analysis in order to ensure that necessary information is generated from the data collected. The four main types of methods available to researchers include: Explicatory, Case-study, Survey, and Experimental Methods1. An experimental method is the main empirical method that would be considered in the course of this study. Research techniques are different though. They are “step-by-step procedures which you can follow in order to gather data, and analyze them for the information they contain”1. Such data may be gathered through qualitative or quantitative methods or from primary and secondary data depending on the research approach. This study will use quantitative research technique. Quantitative research methods were initially developed for use in natural sciences although they are now adopted and accepted for social sciences as well. They are research methods associated with number and any measurable thing, presenting the researcher with various numbers, which are presented in graphical forms, tabulations and statistics. Regression analysis will be used to analyze the relationship between the declines in Film 4 You returns against the two other variables that are: the quality of the products of the company measured in terms of meeting the customers` expectations and online rental DVD competitors winning away Film 4 You customers. Regression analysis is a statistical tool that can be employed to investigate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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