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The effect of Leadership in managing performance - Essay Example

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In fact, in the dynamic scenario of today, the word ‘change’ is presumed to be the only constant word. The developments in the field of technology, especially…
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The effect of Leadership in managing performance
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Download file to see previous pages e sustainable growth and development of the businesses, it is prudent for the organizations to remain extremely alert for all the changing environments. Also, it has to inculcate enough features of dynamism and flexibility so that the processes, both internal as well as external, are efficient as well as effective. This is truer for the ever growing industry of the United Arab Emirates. The environment of the UAE is one of the most dynamics industries as people from all across the globe have transaction with the market.
To attain such desired status, one of the major areas upon which the organizations have to work is that of the leadership. The leadership should be strong and succinct. The leader should be able to lead from the front with exemplary performance so that the employees and team gets motivated and spirited. Leadership can be defined as the special traits of an individual that he or she posses and that helps him to motivate and induce his colleagues or subordinates to accomplish tasks (Northouse, “Leadership: Theory and Practice”).
The leadership traits of an individual can take various forms, he can be task oriented or people oriented. A task oriented leader is more of a formal kind and views the task assigned to the team of the supreme importance and takes every measure to get it done. On the other hand, the people oriented leader is more of employee friendly and expects to get the best out of the team leveraging the personal relationship with the team.
The management of the performance has been a recent and upcoming concept in the field of human resource management. As the competition within the industries are on constant rise, so it has become very important for the organizations of all types, small, mid – sized, large and even multi - national corporations to quantify the performance of the employees. Till very recently, the quantification of the performance was related only with the external jobs like marketing and sales. But standing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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