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How Stress can be Damaging to an Individual Employee - Essay Example

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This essay declares that occupational stress is line with the stress that is linked to work. The World Health Organisation reported that the demands and pressures in the workplace are linked to occupational stress, because there are those who cannot cope with the required knowledge or abilities…
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How Stress can be Damaging to an Individual Employee
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Extract of sample "How Stress can be Damaging to an Individual Employee"

Download file to see previous pages From this study it is clear that the stressors in the workplace are able to stimulate physiological reactions that will eventually lead a person to become physically and mentally ill. As commonly observed, the common stressors that are found in the workplace that can affect a person physically and mentally include but not limited to the number of workloads given to them, the seclusion, excessive hours given to work, a stressful environments because of pressures, the inability of a person to engage in self-rule, problematic relationships with colleagues and management, presence of intimidation among members in the organisation, pestering, and the lack of either provocation or openings for career-pathing advancement via improvement of skills, abilities, knowledge, position and accountability.  

This paper highlights that theories of occupational stress are linked to the theory pertaining to workplace support and work-life balance, emphasising that the stressful conditions will have greater negative impact on the individual’s psychological health and well-being especially if there is absence of support. Therefore, it is of no great surprise as to why many research studies would want to find out the effects when there is absence of balance, the effects are mostly in line with the stress created due to conflict between the demands of work and non-work activities, and the level of satisfaction in work and non-work activities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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