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The author of the current paper claims that stress is an epidemic that needs to be taken care of with the passage of time. This has been proven with due research and proper study that has been done within the related realms. There are a number of strategies that can be employed on a personal level…
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Ten Personal Strategies to Help Deal with Stress
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Download file to see previous pages The individual would remain contented with whatever is available at his disposal and thus be satisfied with the things around him in a professional way. He would feel that he is completely at ease with the surroundings around him and would in no way fall for such nuances of stress which would further deflate his individual self. This is a clear indication of how well he handles stress and how he can keep away such issues in the future as well.
The second strategy that can be listed here is of seeking someone’s help and assistance so that the stress epidemic does not actually creep into the individual’s system. It would mean he is taking help from an elder or soliciting advice that shall solve the problem at hand. This is a very significant undertaking that can reduce stress immensely and would handle the long term stressful conditions that come about as a result of the same. Help is always easily available because people readily give out their assistance to the ones who are professionally fatigues and do not know where to end up (Shuttleworth, 2004).
The third such strategy is to heal one’s own self through certain exercises which would relieve this individual of stress. This would mean that he would undergo different acts and behaviors which would not burden his mind at all, rather assist him in understanding the nuances related with stress and how it can be kept at a safe distance from his peculiar domains. Even though this requires persistence on the part of the person under question, it also demands a great deal of motivation by the people around him at all times.
The fourth strategy which can be employed here is of soliciting help and facilitation from medical counselors who would tell exactly where this person is lacking professionally and what he needs to do in order to move ahead further in life. This would mean that he is moving ahead with the problems that engulf his life professionally and is countering them with consummate ease and attention paid to the minutest of details. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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